Forestry and Woodland Services in East Anglia

Forestry & Woodland Services

Woodland and Forestry Specialist. Services include Site Preparation, Timber Harvesting, Standing Sale, Woodland Mangement, New Planting and Estate Management.

Timber Harvesting

Timber Harvesting

Undertaking all aspects of timber harvesting from site preparation, building staging areas and access roads with safety fencing through to timber harvesting, roundwood marketing or standing sale.

Forestry Management and Timber Harvesting

Welcome to the Catshead Forestry Management and Timber Harvesting website. Catshead are woodland harvesting specialists maximising the timber yield and organising standing sale or roundwood marketing.

Well managed forests and woodlands enhance the countryside and can provide an income from timber harvesting. Our specialist timber harvesting service is ideally suited to smaller woodlands and difficult sites where gradients and ground conditions make standard harvesting methods uneconomic.

We advise on all aspects of a felling project from gaining licence approval and site preparation of entrance roads and access points through to risk assessment, health and safety of the project and source certification.

Following the clearance we can replant or clear the site for other uses and provide fencing and site security.

For more information take a look at our Forestry and Woodland Services or get in contact and see how we can help with your woodland.

Timber Harvesting - using low impact machinery and environmental sensitive harvesting techniques
Timber Extraction - specialist low ground pressure equipment ideally suited for all site types
Timber Marketing and Standing Sale - achieving the highest yield for your standing or roundwood sale
Woodland Management - improvement and protection of woodlands to increase yield and biodiversity
Estate Management - improved infrastructure and drainage, maintenance and security